Whilst some product jets use fuel gasoline, it can be usually too pricey for many fliers. Dealing which has a gas product jet is usually a minor like looking after a motorcycle or automobile motor, which needs normal upkeep to keep it managing. If you don’t hold the time or skill to run a gasoline engine, then a LiPo battery might be a better choice to your product jet kit. Shown underneath is a few primary details about model plane lithium batteries.


Lithium batteries might be enormously impacted by temperature. To produce electricity, all batteries make a chemical reaction, so a lower temperature can significantly gradual down this method. While a lithium battery will not be harmed by functioning at a lessened temperature, you might see a big general performance reduce. Freezing these batteries is not really suggested, so it truly is better to retail outlet them in a very dry and cool spot in the course of the winter season months.

Flight Time Calculation

To determine the quantity of flying time you may get from a battery, you’ll need to have some fundamental data regarding the energy consumption of one’s plane. When you might have gathered information on the milliamp several hours and motor amperage, you should utilize a particular formula to compute the most flight time. This formula is: (motor present-day) / (battery capability) = Time (or hrs). The capacity should be measured in amps for your system to work properly.

Cycle Lifetime

There’s no definitive respond to for a way many cycles a lithium battery will past for. The lifetime expectancy will rely on how impressive the aircraft was and just how it truly is utilised. In case you are draining, overcharging, or discharging the batteries, then it’ll not last as extensive. When you choose good care of them and stick to the instructions within the manufacturers, you’ll want to expect at the very least 300 cycles, or maybe far more.


Battery Storage can severely affect the performance potential within your battery, thereby switching its lifetime expectancy. In no way keep lipos at full charge, however , you also shouldn’t continue to keep them at small voltage. Both of those of these approaches will cause a “rusting” inside the battery, that can reduce its power to past. The best way to retail outlet these products is at 50% charge.


In spite of some statements, batteries will not miraculously appear to existence just after becoming discharged. You’ll find no chargers which can undo the harm of a discharged cell. The very best alternative is always to obtain a completely new battery as an alternative.